Hoddesdon Tyres

Tyres , with all the different makes and sizes can be very confusing choosing the correct one for you and your needs. To help you make the right choice just call one of our experts today to help you make the right choice. We stock a large number of tyres from your low cost budget tyres to premium brands., and if we don’t have them in stock we can usually get them in the same day.

The only thing that connects your vehicle to the road is your tyres, so its vital that you make sure that they are legal and road worthy. we recommend you visually check that your tyres are fully inflated each time you get in your vehicle. Driving with a punctured tyre will cause damage to your tyre and will significantly effect the road handling of your vehicle to and will not be safe to drive.

Maintaining correct tyre pressures will not only improve the handling of the vehicle but will extend the life of it and will improve your fuel economy too. We recommend that you check your tyre pressures at least once every two weeks. Tyres pressures are normally measured in PSI or BAR and can be found in three places in your car. 1 the user manual 2 The Door pillar on a plate 3 inside your fuel flap . Don’t forget always check your tyre pressure when they are cold.


What is TPMS? It stands for Tyre Pressure Monitoring System and this gives the vehicles on board computer information on the current tyre pressures of your tyres on your vehicle, so should one or more of your tyres have a sudden loss of pressure it will give you a yellow or red symbol on your dashboard. If your Vehicle if fitted with TPMS they will also require maintenance when changing or repairing tyres, over time the battery will deplete and the core of your valve will need to be replaced with a spacial zinc coated core not like a standard valve.

Did you know that if your vehicle was built from 2012 onwards and the TPMS light is illuminated on your dashboard it will FAIL an MOT test. Contact us today for replacement or service on your TPMS sensors.


Wheel balancing would always be carried out by us when fitting new tyres and or repairing of a puncture. A wheel can easily be thrown out of balance by sudden impact like o pothole or kerb ,We will always recommended if your wheels are removed from your vehicle for i.e. servicing or brake repairs, etc you should re-check that your wheels are balanced correctly.

Ensuring that wheels are balanced correctly will increase the life of the tyre and improve the quality of your driving experience. Driving with wheels that are not balanced correctly can cause horrible vibration at certain speeds, extra wear and tear on suspension components and shorten the life span of your tyre. To balance your wheels they are removed from vehicle and put on to a machine and weights are added to ensure over 360 degrees there is no heavy spot in the wheel and tyre.


The legal minimum tread depth for your car tyres in the UK is 1.6mm throughout the continuous band compromising the central three quarters of the breadth of the tread and around the entire outer circumference of the tyre.

The penalties for the offences related to the use of illegal tyres on your vehicle are severe.

The fine for each faulty tyre is at level 4 of the standard scale with discretionary disqualification and compulsory driving licence endorsements of 3 penalty points.

Level 4 is currently £2500, each faulty tyre is considered to as a separate offence, so if you have four faulty tyres that's a potential £10.000 fine plus 12 penalty points.


Mr Unique Tyres in Hoddesdon will have a fully qualified tyre technician inspect your tyres properly TODAY!

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