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About MOTs

If your car is three years old or older it is a legal requirement that is has an MOT inspection every year. This annual MOT inspection is to ensure your vehicle complies with the minimum safety regulations as set out by VOSA. A new MOT can be pre-dated up to one calendar month in advance of any existing MOT certificate.

A normal MOT inspection usually takes around 45 minutes to complete and is always carried out by an accredited VOSA tester. Many tests are performed by the tester to ensure your vehicle is in a roadworthy and safe condition, these include but are not limited to inspecting the underside of the vehicle, interior safety features including seat belts, SRS syytems along with the condition of your tyres, steering and brakes amongst many other tests.

If your vehicle passes in our Harlow MOT test bay as with all our other branches, you will be issued with a VT20 (MOT pass certificate) and the results are logged into the VOSA computer system. You vehicle may pass with advisory items included printed below, these are items that will require attention soon and you will be advised of the importance of these upon completion of the MOT test by either the nominated tester or one of our service advisors at reception.


If you vehicle should fail an MOT test then you will be issued with a VT30 (MOT failure certificate). The nominated MOT tester will explain why your vehicle has failed and the associated remedies required to get your vehicle to pass. In most cases we can carry out this remedies to ensure your vehicle passes on the same day as our Harlow MOT test centre.

MOT While you wait

While having a MOT in Harlow at our MOT centre you can either leave it with us or you may wait in our comfortable reception waiting area fitted with flat screen TVs and free WiFi or you may choose to watch the MOT test in the designated viewing area.

MOT information

Here is a link of the MOT inspection manual for class 3,4,5 and 7 vehicles.

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