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Most manufacturers recommend a full service every 12,000 miles or every 12 months; whichever may be first for you. Failing to do so, you increase the chances of experiencing a breakdown which is both inconvenient and costly therefore failing to service your car to save a few quid, vehicle really is false economy. We offer a wide variety of affordable service packages to suit you. We only use Fully guaranteed service parts which meet all European standards of original equipment. So even if your vehicle is under three years old and you don’t want to bring it back to the expensive main dealer where you purchased it from, we can still carry this out and this doesn’t invalidate your manufactures warranty whatsoever.


Clean engines run and perform better. On our Full Unique service there are more than 50 checks that we carry out to make sure the vehicle is performing and running correctly. We don’t just clean what you can see but more we you cant. We use Forte additives to all of our full services on petrol and diesel engines. This preventive maintenance prolongs the life of certain expensive components within your engine and also improves the overall power and efficiency. When it comes to filling your engine with oil we will only use shell motor oil which guarantees the smooth running of the internal combustion and will increase your MPG ! Mr Unique are strong believers in that using high quality products, will keep you going further for longer costing you less overall. So weather its a small Ford Ka up to your large expensive Landrover the facts remain the same.


Regular checks to your vehicle are imperative to your safety, and that of other road users, we check all critical components such as steering, suspension and braking systems making sure that they never let you down when you need them the most. We take it for granted every day when we jump into our cars and we think everything is ok not realising that we have done lots of miles since even our last visual inspection of our tyres, lots of miles means wear and tear, just because there appears to be nothing wrong doesn’t mean there isn’t. Be sure and make sure your up to date on your inspections!



Coming Soon We offer FREE local collection and delivery on “FULL UNIQUE” services, we can also offer our customers courtesy vehicles subject to availability.

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