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According to the manufacturers recommendations most vehicles should have a full service every 12 months or every twelve thousand miles, whichever is soonest. Sticking to these recommendations is the best way to ensure you do not suffer the inconvenience of a breakdown or the additional cost that is likely to occur. Not servicing your vehicle to save money is likely to be a false economy as it will cost you more to have your car recovered and/or repaired after a breakdown where a regular service would likely pick any issues that would result in a breakdown before it happens. It doesn’t matter what your servicing requirements are we have got it covered. You also do not need to take you car to an expensive main dealer for it’s service as all the servicing work we carry out does NOT invalidate your manufacturers warranty and will almost always save you money.


The simplest reason for regularly servicing your car is to ensure it runs and performs at it’s best. Mr Unique in Harlow performs services that involve more than 50 checks to your vehicle to ensure that it is safe and performing optimally. When we clean you car, we clean far more than you’ll ever see from the outside. As part of our services we use Forte additives in petrol and diesel engines mainly as a preventative measure to help prolong the life of the expensive parts within the engine but they will also provide improvements in overall power and efficiency too. We also use Shell motor oils as part of our services that ensure and guarantee smooth running of your engine and help improve the MPG too! It is a fundamental believe of Mr Unique that by using high quality parts and materials it will help you go further for longer and cost you less in the long term. Whether you have a large expensive Range Rover or a small Ford Ka this basic principle is always applied.


Your safety and the safety of other roads users must be paramount for all of us at all times. By having your vehicle inspected regularly you ensure it is safe and will not let you down when most needed. All of our services involve checking critical components of your vehicle including steering, suspension and brakes along with many other items too. If your vehicle does lots of miles, then it also has lots of wear and tear too. We are all guilty of taking our cars for granted and assuming they will function as we expect whenever we need them to, however you should inspect you car regularly to ensure nothing obvious is wrong. Even if nothing is immediately apparent by having your vehicle professionally inspected and serviced by Mr Unique any unseen issues are usually picked up long before they fail and leave you stranded. You should always ensure you remain on top of your vehicles servicing, inspection and maintenance needs to ensure it is always there when you need it.

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We offer FREE local collection and delivery on “FULL UNIQUE” services, we can also offer our customers courtesy vehicles subject to availability.

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