Cheshunt Tyres

With all the different makes and sizes or tyres it can be very confusing to know which are the correct ones for your needs. Why not call one of our experts today to help you make an informed and the right choice for your vehicle. At our Cheshunt tyre centre we stock a large number of low cost tyres and premium branded tyres and if we don't already have them in stock we can usually get them in the same day.

Remember, the only contact you have with the road is your vehicles tyres so it is essential they are legal and roadworthy at all times. Our recommendation is that you visually inspect all your tyres before getting into your vehicle each time you use it to ensure they a fully inflated, do not have any unusual wear patterns and have the required tread depth. Driving with a puncture will not just cause damage to the tyre but will likely severely effect the road handling of your vehicle making is unsafe to drive.

Ensuring your tyres are correctly inflated will not only improve handling of your vehicle but will also ensure you get maximum life from the tyres along with better fuel economy too. Our recommendation is that you check all of your tyre pressures at least every two weeks - don't forget the spare too as you don't know when you may need it. Your vehicles tyre pressures are usually found in the user manual, the door pillar or the fuel filler cap with the measurements shown in either PSI or Bar. You should always check your tyre pressures when the tyres are cold.

Cheshunt TPMS

Tyre Pressure


TPMS stands for Tyre Pressure Monitoring System and is used by your vehicle's on-board computer to determine the current pressures of the tyres on your vehicle. Should one of the tyre pressures drop rapidly your car will indicate this via an indicator on the dashboard and maybe yellow or red, usually dependant on the severity of the pressure loss. If your vehicle has TPMS fitted it will need maintenance when the tyres are changed or repaired as over time the battery and the core of the valve will need replacing with a special zinc coated core unlike standard tyre valves.

If you vehicle was built from 2012 onwards and has a TPMS indicator illuminated on your dashboard your vehicle will fail an MOT test. Give us a call today to service or replace your TPMS sensors.

Cheshunt Wheel Balancing



We carry out wheel balancing every time we fit a new tyre or repair a puncture. Wheel balancing can easily be thrown out a sudden impact such as hitting a pothole or kerb. Our recommendation is that if a wheel is removed from the the vehicle for any reason such as servicing, brake repairs, etc that it is re-checked to ensure it is balanced correctly.

Correctly balanced wheels will ensure the maximum life of your tyres is achievable and will also improve the quality of your driving experience. If you wheels are not correctly balanced vibration at certain speeds maybe an issue, extra wear and tear on suspension components may occur and the life of your tyre will likely be shortened too. Wheel balancing involves removing the wheel with tyre fitted and placing it on a machine that rotates the wheel to identify heavy spots which are countered by adding weights to the wheel to ensure it runs true.

Cheshunt Tyre Law



Currently the legal tread limit for tyre on vehicles in the UK is 1.6mm throughout the continuous band comprising the central three quarters of the breadth of the tread and around the entire outer circumference of the tyre.

It is an offence to have illegal tyres fitted to your vehicle while on the public road and the penalties are severe.

Each illegal tyre attracts compulsory three driving licence penalty points and the fine for each illegal tyre is at level 4 of the standard scale with discretionary disqualification.

With each illegal tyre considered a separate offence and level 4 currently £2500, if you have four illegal tyres it's potentially a £10,000 fine plus 12 penalty points on your licence.


At Mr Unique in Cheshunt, we have fully qualified technicians waiting to inspect your tyres today!