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About our Service and Maintenance

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend a full service every 12 months or every 12 thousand miles depending on which comes first. Failing to meet these recommendations may increase your chances of experiencing a breakdown which could be inconvenient and/or costly. Therefore failing to service your vehicle to save a few pounds now could really be a false economy and cost you more in the long run. Whatever service your vehicle needs we offer a package to suit. We only use fully guaranteed parts when we perform a service that conform to European standards of the original parts. You don't need to take your vehicle to an expensive Main Dealer even if your vehicle is under three years old and /or still within the warranty period as the work we carry out does NOT invalidate your manufacturers warranty regardless of what they may tell you.

Why service your car?

There are many reasons why you should service your vehicle regularly and according to the manufacturers recommendations but essentially clean engines run and perform better. The Unique Full Service that you can receive from our Cheshunt vehicle service centre involves more than 50 checks to ensure your vehicles is running and performing correctly and as it should. When you receive you clean car back we will have cleaned far more than you can actually see. We use Forte additives in petrol and diesel engines as part of all our full services. This is a preventative measure to help prolong the life of expensive components within your engine and also has the added benefit of improving the overall power and efficiency. To ensure and guarantee the smooth running of the internal combustion engine within your vehicle we only use Shell motor oils as part of our servicing which will also increase your MPG too! At Mr Unique we believe that using high quality parts and materials will keep you going further for longer, costing you less in the long term. It doesn't matter whether you run a small Ford Ka or a large and expensive Range Rover, the facts are the same.


To ensure your safety and the safety of other road users regular checks to your vehicle are imperative. To ensure you are not let down when it matters most all our services include the inspection of critical components such as the steering, suspension and brakes. Lots of miles means lots of wear and tear. We all take our cars for granted and assume that they are ready for us to use whenever we need them regardless of whenever we last inspected the tyres or other items. Just because there appears to be nothing wrong now and everything looks okay doesn't mean there isn't an unseen issue waiting to catch you out. You should always ensure you remain on top of your vehicles servicing, inspection and maintenance needs to ensure it is always there when you need it.

What’s included in my Service?

Service plans

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We offer FREE local collection and delivery on “FULL UNIQUE” services, we can also offer our customers courtesy vehicles subject to availability.

Service Prices and Packages

Engine size 500cc - 1100cc 1200cc - 2000cc 2001cc- 3000cc over 3000cc
MOT with service from £39.99 from £39.99 from £39.99 from £39.99
Standard service from £139.99 from £169.99 from £189.99 from £209.99
Standard service with MOT from £179.99 from £209.99 from £229.99 from £249.99
Full Unique service from £179.99 from £199.99 from £229.99 from £269.99
Full Unique service with MOT from £219.99 from £239.99 from £269.95 from £309.99

These are guide prices depending on certain makes & models and lubrication/capacities fully inclusive of VAT
Please call for your actual price

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